Challenged Credit

Challenged Credit Auto Loans

COVID-19 has made this a challenging time for some of our family and customers to get clear information. That’s why we created this page–to give you a one-stop spot for information when it comes to your Buick & GMC vehicle questions.

Bad Credit, No Credit, No problem
It doesn’t really matter how your credit went from good to bad. Sometimes, it’s a "slow drip" type of credit problem, where you make a late payment here and there, skip a payment from time to time, and ultimately get further and further behind until things spiral out of your control. Or sometimes bad circumstances (like medical problems, job loss or divorce ) can add up to be a damaging blow to your credit history. And then there are the credit catastrophes like bankruptcy, foreclosure or repossession.
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We are a blue jean dealership, however we take our customer’s needs very seriously.

Meet Kent Kalkbrenner
I have been assisting with all credit situations for over 19 years and will be completely at your service. I am available to answer all of your questions and schedule your appointment.
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It won’t be long until we have you in your new or used vehicle.
Larry S.
Maple Grove

John Kinsell was very friendly, and knowledgeable with answers to all our questions. He had the exact car we were interested in ready for a test drive when we arrived for our appointment.

Douglas M.

All Service department employees are very good at their job.